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The Ideal Destinations For Creating Your Plan B, Discussed

If you weren’t in the room for our Offshore Wealth Summit last week (or watching us via Live Stream), the bad news is that we won’t be running another one until next year.

However… you can get full access to our experts’ insider information on how to grow your wealth securely—and guarantee a safe and stable future for you and your family—with the best loot bag of the year: our 2017 Offshore Wealth Building and Diversification Kit.

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Ah, the advantage of being in the room and watching the Live Stream on my laptop at the same time…

 As I said last week, offshore diversification is a personal thing. You need to choose which jurisdictions to spend time and/or invest in based on your personal circumstances and, importantly, your own interests. This kit—holding all the important discussions from last week’s event—is the best place to start your planning.

And, as well as giving you all the information you need to put these life-changing strategies to work, I guarantee you some laughter.

No doubt this is a serious subject matter. If you’ve ever tried reading anything on the topic of offshore structures, diversifying internationally, minimizing your taxes, estate planning, etc., you’ll find it’s usually chock-full with jargon… and your mind can’t help but wander.

But nobody (that I noticed) fell asleep in our conference room last week. This is, I strongly believe, thanks to our lively discussion panels that bring so much information to the table… delivered in a down-to-earth fashion… that’s also entertaining.

Best of all, you get to hear a number of perspectives. To give you an example from last week…

In the opening session, Publisher Kathleen Peddicord asked each of our early-morning panelists the following question:

“If the world spiraled out of control as the doomsayers suggest it will, where would you want to be? Where would you prefer to ride out the storm…and why?”

Here’s how these guys responded:

Juan Darío (Colombian attorney):

I’ve thought about this question many times… wondering in a mystical way why I was born where I was born.

I come from a place with a difficult history. After having the opportunity to live abroad (Canada for a year, Paris for a year…) and after having traveled the world and seen how things work in so many places that are so different from my home country of Colombia, I’ve had a kind of eureka insight that has helped me to appreciate my country and to have enormous respect for Colombia.

When I was growing up, my country was a horrible place to be. Today it is transformed. Today it is legitimately one of the best places in the world to live.

So I choose Colombia. Colombia is where I’d want to be if things turned very bad on a global scale. I say this because I have a unique perspective on what the Colombian people have been able to accomplish over the past three decades.

I am where I’d want to be.

João Gil Figueria (Portuguese attorney):

Like Juan Darío, I feel very fortunate because I happen to have been born in the country that for me is the best place to live. I say this after having had the chance, like Juan Darío, to travel the world and to live other places.

I’d choose Portugal. Why?

Let’s start with the wine. That’s the first and main reason…

Seriously, Portugal is a small country that is right now generating 48% of the energy it needs through renewable methods. We have sunshine 10 months of the year. Everything grows well in Portugal. We have game for hunting and no shortage of good water.

Everything required for good living is found in Portugal… beginning, again, with the wine…

Evgeny Orlov (residency and citizenship attorney):

I recently returned from the Ukraine where I spent time in a place where people are breaking into homes and shooting and killing in order to steal assets.

My point is that, in some parts of the world, an end-of-days scenario is already playing out. You want to be able to protect yourself.

You need drinkable water.

I think you want to stick with places with small populations. Look at Detroit. Big cities will collapse. I would recommend seeking out a place with small, tribal communities… Vanuatu, for example.

On the other hand, I also like Panama because it has sun and water and fertile land. Plus, in Panama City you have lots of rich people who are going to protect their wealth.

Lief Simon (our resident offshore guru):

My ideal Plan B destination is a country that’s self-sufficient when it comes to energy, food, and water and that has some manufacturing base. If every country becomes isolated, you want to be in a country that can produce all the necessities of living.

I’d also say that I want to be in a country where either everyone has a gun or no one has a gun.

I’ve got more than one Plan B in place… situations where I own property where my family and I could live self-sufficiently if we needed or wanted to… including here in Panama but also in Belize and Colombia…

Of course, this event isn’t based around Doomsday prepping. We had much more on the agenda, too—all of which comes neatly packed in your 2017 Wealth Building and Diversification Kit.

With a copy of this kit in your hands, you have the power to:

  • Drastically reduce your tax obligations or even live income-tax free…
  • Discover the five easiest places to obtain offshore residency, often without having to even live there…
  • Get to know the world’s best havens for bank privacy and legal offshore structures…
  • Discover three ways to profit from the best international real estate investment opportunities…
  • Learn the value of holding physical precious metals offshore, something that can be legally non-reportable to the IRS…
  • Learn the many benefits of incorporating and doing business in an offshore location…
  • Discover six easy ways to diversify safely outside the U.S. dollar to obtain a truly diversified portfolio (and never worry about a declining U.S. dollar again)…
  • Rediscover the true privacy that existed in the United States 50 years ago.
Offshore Wealth Summit 2017

One of our roundtable discussions… and one of our favorite couples in the back (relaxing, not sleeping)

Belize, Panama, Portugal, Colombia—and more of our favorite havens—are covered in there, too… in terms of residency, banking, investing, and doing business.

Dusty T., a repeat attendee who was in the room with us last week, wrote us a note to say: “Impressed with the scope of presentations. By far the best group of presenters to date.”

Now it’s your turn to get the inside track…

Be warned that you have a limited-time opportunity to benefit from all the information and recommendations shared over the three days of this event. As we edit and prepare this special bundle of audio recordings and presentation materials, you have a final chance this week to grab it for more than 50% off the regular price.

Act before midnight, Wednesday, June 28, to secure your heavily-discounted copy.

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential

P.S. Exciting news! We are just days away from announcing details of our Live and Invest in France Conference… and you, dear Live and Invest Overseas Confidential Reader, will be the first to get an invite—and have first dibs on a complimentary VIP seat. We expect this Paris-based conference to be a sell-out. Not only because this is our first big event in France… but, hey, because this is France! Stay tuned for more details later this week…

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